What is inspirational poetry

Have you ever been challenged in your heart or mind by words on a page?

Have the words of a writer's pen moved you with compassion or cheer?

Did you ever read a verse that made you ponder or be inspired?

That was inspirational verse.

Inspirational poetry is best defined as that special style of verse that positively stimulates the reader’s or listener’s mind, affecting them with a particular emotion, and creating within them a feeling of confidence, encouragement and exaltation. 

Inspirational poetry will be both life-affirming and life-enhancing.  And the wonderful knock-on effect will be to animate and prompt the reader to act on the basis of the poet’s message.

You don't need to be one of the poetic greats to be able to write - just search your heart for pictures of love, tenderness or inspiration.

Pictures that thrill, pictures that cause thought, then paint them with words on a page.

Capture these images and emotions on paper in an easy to 'see' way.  That is what inspirational verse truly is.
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